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Born in South-West Germany, Amely learned to cherish fresh, healthy, and (most importantly) delicious food at a very young age. She used to drive across the French border with her parents, just to buy cheese and fresh fish from the farmer’s market. On the weekends, she would often harvest apples, plums, blackberries, strawberries or walnuts from the garden, in order to bake –  standing on a stool next to her grandmother – for the family that would come over on Sunday for “coffee and cake”.

Visiting Tajikistan, the homeland of her mother, Amely would sit with the family on a tapchan (a large panel to sit and eat on) under a roof of grape vines, drinking green tea and snacking on dried mulberries as well as roasted chickpeas.

Being part of Persian culture, Amely naturally learned about Iranian cuisine too. Every year, she would meet the Persian community to celebrate Nawruz (the Persian New Year). Celebration naturally meant food: Ghormeh Sabzi, Shirin Polou, Kuku sabzi, Kabab-E Kubideh, Khanuma or ChakChak.

With her background, it was no surprise that after having finished school in Zurich, Amely started her apprenticeship as a chef. In the past 5 years of working in restaurants, Amely has been able to constantly learn from great, passionate food enthusiasts.

Here, she wants to be the one passing on some of her skills, her experiences as well as her passion connected to cooking authentic food.

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