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Born and raised in Bologna, Chef Giovanni grew up going to his nonna's house every Sunday, where she would always make fresh pasta. It was there where he first fell in love with delicious, home-made food – he embraced his grandmother's passion and made it his own. 


His first jobs during and right after school were in a pastry shop, learning about the precision and the focus one must have in order to achieve perfection. Chef Giovanni then worked in a hotel and a couple of restaurants in Italy, before moving to London and joining the international team of the Jamie's Italian franchise. As part of his job, Chef Giovanni got to travel and trained other chefs in the art of making pasta. After leaving Jamie's Italian, he then learnt about the Swedish food culture while working for a local consulting company in Stockholm. Since 2017, Chef Giovanni has been working in Switzerland where he is currently head chef of "Yardbird"


Passionate about food in general (but especially pasta!), Chef Giovanni looks forward to sharing all his knowledge as well as his experience in his classes. 

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