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Chef Jose is an experienced chef, specializing in contemporary Peruvian cuisine. He is the head chef of restaurant “Barranco” – the first modern Peruvian restaurant in Zurich. He has played a key role in bringing the Peruvian flavors to a broader audience and making them hungry for more.


Passionate about self-improvement and always maintaining a curious and open mind, Chef Jose has worked in different cities around Europe in the last 10 years. From a Michelin-starred restaurant in Spain, modern concepts in London to classic French cuisine in Luxembourg... Chef Jose likes to keep evolving and growing. In 2018, he moved to Switzerland and with it found back to his Peruvian roots. He dedicated his time tirelessly to research what fascinates him most: the immense diversity of what Peru's nature and cuisine have to offer. His kitchen is an homage to the traditional Peruvian flavors he knows from his childhood, but he does not hold back in using modern techniques and giving the dishes his very own innovative twist.


Join Chef Jose on a culinary journey through mountains, coast and soil in one of his Master Classes.

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