Yuan began her culinary journey at Le Cordon Bleu Paris in summer 2016. What started as a 3 months "summer school" quickly turned into an obsession: After class, she would spend hours reading about gastrophysics or the science behind cooking, research culinary traditions, watch YouTube videos of cooking techniques and think about how she would plate the next day. Yuan literally couldn't sleep anymore, because she kept thinking about food and cooking – that's when she knew that she had finally found her calling. 


After Paris, Yuan continued to study cuisine as well as patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu London as well as Le Cordon Bleu Wellington (New Zealand). She graduated with a "diplôme de cuisine" top of her class and intends to finish her "diplôme de patisserie" in 2020. In addition, she has spent the last years taking professional chef's courses and private classes in Italy, Spain, South Africa, US, Thailand, Laos, Lebanon, China, Japan, UK as well as Turkey. To deepen her culinary knowledge, Yuan worked in a Michelin** restaurant in London and a bistro in New Zealand. Being a tea aficionado, Yuan has also trained as a tea sommelier, and she has completed the Wirtepatent (G1) in Switzerland. 


Having grown up on 3 continents, lived in 13 and traveled 100+ countries, Yuan is a true world citizen. As a chef, serial entrepreneur (she is also the founder of INDULGE), former UNESCO/UN delegate as well as a certified teacher, she finally gets to combine everything that she is truly passionate about: food, education, entrepreneurship as well as intercultural exchange. Besides cooking and eating delicious food, Yuan loves to understand the history, sociology, chemistry, psychology, physics, art etc. that lie behind the cooking process. ÉTOILE was created as the "culinary playground of her dreams" where she could learn from the best chefs in the country and share all the incredibly joy that cooking has brought into her life. 

  • Japanese home-cooking with a twist, paired with a Japanese tea tasting

    Started Feb 13