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Paul is a neuroscientist and works in a lab, where he engineers proteins to understand the brain. After a long day at work, he arrives home, where he can finally concentrate on the experiments he is most passionate about. He pours a glass of wine, plays some music and goes to his own personal lab: the kitchen.


Although Paul has no formal culinary education, he started catering as a side job in Mexico City during his PhD. His approach is very empirical and scientific – always challenging the traditions and techniques based on results. His knowledge in neuroscience has helped him in paving his own way. In particular, understanding how our brains process all the sensory information that culminates in flavor perception provides a fresh and novel approach to cooking where perception and experience are the focus. 


In the summer of 2023, Paul joined the INDULGE Team as a Foodie Guide and learned about Swiss culinary history as well as the trendiest food places in Zurich. Inspired by all the food innovation that Switzerland offers, especially in plant-based products, Paul has specialized in reinventing Mexican cuisine classics.

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