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Sara was born and raised in Napoli, a wonderful city on the seaside in the South of Italy. She lived in the shade of the Vesuvio up to the age of 25 before moving to Zürich for her PhD at ETH. 


Cooking might not be her profession, but it’s for sure her happy place. Since she was a little kid, her grandma put her hands into dough... gnocchi dough, to be precise! At Sunday lunches with her big South Italian family, there were always so many people that everyone had to help, and that’s where she started learning how to cook. 


Now that she does not live in her hometown anymore, Sara loves to host as many parties as possible with all her international friends. Her favorite servings are Neapolitan pizza as well as big smiles. 


When she is not in the kitchen, Sara loves to draw, practice circus aerial arts and travel. 

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