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Daniela is a joyful and passionate home cook from Chile. She had quite a simple upbringing but was always surrounded by the most wonderful smells and flavors as her parents used to own a traditional Chilean restaurant. Having lived in various countries and traveled often, Daniela likes tasting cuisines from different countries and experimenting with flavors as for her, this is the best way to experience other cultures. Nonetheless, she is passionate about South American flavors as it reminds her of her childhood. 


Highly encouraged by her mom, Daniela started cooking from a very young age. Every Saturday morning, she would go with her parents to the local wet markets to get fresh produce which they would later cook together as a family. “Ceviche” (raw fish marinated in citrus juice), “machas a la parmesana”(clams native from Chile with parmesan cheese and butter) and “pastel de choclo” (traditional sweetcorn pie) are her favorite dishes. She has traveled throughout the country visiting vineyards and experiencing diverse ways of cooking. “Merkén”, a spice native from the South of Chile, holds a lot of memory and history as it is made by the indigenous population. "Pisco", an alcoholic beverage made out of grapes in the valley from the North of the country, can never be missing in her kitchen. Daniela loves preparing Chilean food, because she feels that a part of her culture lives with her whenever she cooks. 


Join Daniela when she recreates her grandmother's soul-warming dishes, and be enchanted by the wonderful flavors of Chile! 

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