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Flavia is from St.Gallen which is a charming little city in Eastern Switzerland, close to the borders of Austria and Germany. Food has always been an important part of her life: Ever since her childhood, she has loved cooking, baking – and especially eating. As a little girl, Flavia would help her mother prepare food at home but very soon, she started to regularly invent her own recipes by mixing everything together that she thought would fit. Most of the time, her friends liked her creations (or so they said). 

For her final thesis project at university, Flavia absolutely wanted to do something related to food. She analyzed the Swiss culinary history after the Second World War, borrowed old cookbooks from her grandmother and created a cookbook with recipes from that time period. 

Flavia soon knew that she wanted to work as a teacher. Because of her deep love for food, she trained as a cooking teacher and has been teaching Swiss students for the past 6 years. She likes to motivate her students to use seasonal products of the region, while helping them to develop their own passion and appreciation for food. 

When Flavia is not teaching herself, she loves to travel and takes cooking classes wherever she goes. She is very excited to take you on a culinary trip around Switzerland and show you how to prepare our most delicious dishes!

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