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Izabella is a lawyer by profession and a passionate foodie by nature. She is Armenian and like every Armenian she was born into an environment of love and respect for food as well as her motherland, Armenia. She is passionate about Armenian cuisine as it tells the story of her ancient nation since the Armenian food in and outside of Armenia tends to differ. Her childhood was filled with a mixture of Soviet Armenian food and the culinary traditions passed down through generations.


The past 10 years Izabella has lived and worked in various countries but always stayed connected to her roots. A heart-warming “spas”, a “matsun” (fermented milk product) based soup kept her warm during long Canadian winters. In Zurich, where she currently resides, she loves hosting dinner parties for her friends, treating them to “tolma” (stuffed with grape vines or vegetables) and gata (traditional Armenian sweet bread). Izabella always makes sure to stack up on “lavash” – traditional Armenian thin bread made in a “tonir” (tandoor) – whenever she visits Armenia.  


Join Izabella for a traditional Armenian dinner where she recreates her favorite dishes based on her grandmother's recipes and shares the taste of Armenia.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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