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Prachi's self-given nickname is "Madame Coriander & Cheese" since it symbolizes her culinary journey: As a child in India, she loved a charming little restaurant called "Churu" in the small city where she lived. Whenever she closes her eyes, she can still smell the hot "phulkas" (Indian flat bread) and the delicious "daal" (lentils with spices). Thanks to her father's work, Prachi's family moved a lot within India and being a foodie himself, he would always take the family to the best local restaurants. To this day, Prachi still dreams of the scents, colors & tastes from all these places. 


When Prachi moved to Paris in 2003, she immediately fell in love with French cheeses, French patisserie, the French language... and French everything (she even married a French husband along the way!). She learned a lot about food from different cultures in France but Switzerland gave her the perfect opportunity to put everything her taste buds had learned into action! 


When Prachi is in the kitchen, she loves to experiment – all the time! The possibilities are endless, hence she never hesitates to stray from a recipe. Her dishes reflect her cultural cooking heritage, her own story as well as her personality... but also the inspiration and the mood of the moment.  


Join Prachi for an Indian Feast and make her culinary journey part of your own! 

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