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It is important for us to cook and eat sustainably toward a better environmental, social as well as economic community for everyone. 


This means:  

  • purchase seasonal ingredients from regional farmers, support small artisan producers in Switzerland

  • use of “imperfect“ produce: e.g. wonky vegetables, eggs that are too small/big, bycatch

  • use all bits: e.g. bones/trimmings for stocks, cheese rinds in sauces, left-over bread for meatballs

  • nose-to-tail approach: always teach students how to use entire chicken, fish etc. 

  • ban plastic in kitchen wherever possible

  • limit food wastage: buy only the amount of ingredients that is needed,  take left-overs home etc.

  • eco-friendly take-away containers 

  • introduce various vegetarian & plant-based cooking classes

  • comprehensive recycling system 

  • ...

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